For those new to virtual trucking companies

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For those new to virtual trucking companies

Post by Scott on Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:31 am


A virtual trucking company (VTC) is a simulated company atmosphere to add some realism to your trucking game experience. You can either run as an owner operator (DRIVE YOUR OWN TRUCK) or you can be a company driver and one will be provided for you. Once you have decided on that you will be hauling a trailer with our company logo on it and following a dispatch given out by one of the staff here that will tell you where you are going to haul a load to and from. After the completion of each run you will fill out a log book to keep track of the number of hours you have driven as well as the mileage. At the end of each week you will fill out a pay sheet to receive your "virtual pay check". In reality this money is not real and has ZERO value. We are fixing to be expanding our virtual store that contains trucks, trailers and accessories for you to "purchase" with your "virtual paychecks".


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